There Are No “Boots,” Only Men and Women

Bayard & Holmes

~ Piper Bayard & Jay Holmes


No one who serves is a “boot on the ground.” That is a phrase for politicians and bean counters. Each is a man or woman, someone’s child, spouse, sibling, lover, and friend. Each lives, loves, bleeds, and dies. Each commits his or her life to the service of our great nation, risking all.

Our profound thanks to all who serve in the military and clandestine services, allowing our nation to enjoy peace and prosperity at home.

You are, each of you, a blessing. Our prayers and gratitude are with you on this

Veterans Day and always.



4 comments on “There Are No “Boots,” Only Men and Women

  1. Rob Mahan says:

    Thank you, Piper, for pointing out how dehumanizing the phrase “boots on the ground” is to our Service Members. I’m not a veteran, but worked to help build C-130s for many years. We never forgot who we were working for … and I never forget to appreciate the sacrifices our Veterans in all Services make for our great country every day.

  2. Rebekah Knight says:

    It is insulting to think of them as just boots. These are men and women with the biggest hearts. They hurt, they bleed, they love, they hate; they protect. They protect so much, and they are marginalized by our politicians that don’t want the weight of what it really means when we lose one on the battlefield or at home to ptsd and the struggles of trying to readjust and just LIVE. We don’t honor them enough.

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