The End is Near (and we deserve it) . . . Wine for Cats

Nyan Nyan Nouveau, Wine for Cats, On the Market in Japan

I’m delighted to report that Japan no longer has homeless people, orphans, diseases, or natural disasters so that the Japanese can develop wine for cats. Click on the title for the text.

Nyan Nyan Nouveau

Nyan Nyan Nouveau

Blogs and Articles in No Particular Order

Fun, quick post from Jenny Hansen–Life is All About . . . Give Me One Word!

I don’t go on haunted tours. I let Susie Lindau do it for me. Ghost Walk

Some gorgeous photos from Award Winning Author Justine Dare Davis. Do You Love Where You Live?

International Giveaway and Interview with Allison Brennan at Larissa’s Bookish Life. Allison is the New York Times Bestselling Author of the Lucy Kincaid series and a fun lady, to boot.

And to get the rest of the bad news over with, the NSA is collecting millions of contact lists, including those of Americans. Yes, this one is so undeniable, even MSN is reporting it. Also, the Washington Post article: NSA Collects Millions of E-Mail Address Books Globally

And for the latest on whistleblower Edward Snowden . . . Edward Snowden: US Would Have Buried NSA Warnings Forever.

Now that I’ve thoroughly depressed you, time to cheer you back up again . . .

image from Bored Panda

image from Bored Panda

This one via literary agent Chip MacGregor cracked me up. 15th Century Flemish Style Portraits Recreated in Airplane Lavatory from Bored Panda. I know how I’m killing time on my next airplane flight.

Saudi Cleric Warns Driving Could Damage Women’s Ovaries

The video in this piece from Kitt Crescendo had me actually ROFL, but beware that the language evokes some quite graphic sexual images. What I Brought Back

Brickhouse Chick gives us a far more interesting Story from the Shutdown than the things you’ll find in mainstream media. Brickhousechick Gets Arrested

And a big thanks to Julie Glover for pointing me to this gem. If this guy doesn’t give you a smile, not much will. One Man Dances Like Nobody’s Watching . . . While Everyone Is.

All the best to all of you for a week of pampering.

Piper Bayard

16 comments on “The End is Near (and we deserve it) . . . Wine for Cats

  1. This may seem a bit nerdy of me, but the first thing that came to mind was that if grapes are poisonous for dogs, wouldn’t they be toxic to cats, too? And they are. Personally, regardless of how cool the thought is, if there’s an outside chance the wine could cause kidney failure in my cat because they use grape products in the ingredients…I’m not going to let my cat (if I had one) touch the stuff.

    Thanks for the shout out, Piper…and I look forward to checking out all the other blogs you mentioned. 🙂

  2. Lol. Develop wine for cats? You mean they don’t just drink the same old plonk as the rest of us?

    Good laugh, Piper!

  3. I’m away on vacation with hubby in California with limited wifi but checked in to find a ping back. ;). Thanks for sharing my silly crime, Piper! The good news is that the National parks we want to visit are now open! Congress must have read the police report and felt bad for me. LOL.

  4. susielindau says:

    Thanks for stopping by and for the shout! I was offline yesterday trying to finish up my book. What a list of posts I’ve missed!
    Did you see there’s a zombie haunted house in Longmont at the police department shooting range? You should suit up and shoot some zombies for me! I don’t think my bionic boobs are ready for any “friendly fire.”

  5. Thanks for the blog shout out, Piper! As usual, I’m chuckling over several of the links today.

  6. Dancing Guy is my hero! 😀

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