Kool-Aid 101: What is an AR-15?

Bayard & Holmes

~ Piper Bayard

Kool-Aid 101 Note: This is NOT a gun control post. Please don’t go there. This post is about propaganda.


CA-legal AR-15 w/Stag receiver and fixed 10-round magazine Image by TheAlphaWolf, public domain.

CA-legal AR-15 w/Stag receiver
and fixed 10-round magazine
Image by TheAlphaWolf, public domain.


The AR-15 is a small caliber rifle that looks really scary because it’s black and futuristic in appearance. There is nothing magical about it. It fires .223 caliber ammo. Most firearms and calibers are more powerful. It is considered a starter rifle by many shooters, and it is most often used for target shooting. The kids’ rifle team at my local rifle club uses them for competitions. It is a popular firearm because it is lower caliber and easy to control.

There is nothing that gives the AR-15 special “assault” capabilities.

It is not a good choice for warfare because it has no automatic weapon capabilities. One trigger pull = one shot, as with any other legal rifle. Actual weapons used in war, such as automatic weapons, which fire more than one round per trigger pull, are already illegal.

The term “assault weapon” has no consistent definition and is defined differently by each state. It is a term designed to grab the public imagination and play on public ignorance.

The current focus on the AR-15 is like the focus on marijuana in the 30s. Anyone remember Reefer Madness? That was a propaganda film put out at election time that portrayed marijuana as instantly turning normal people into insane wantons and murderers. The campaign was successful. The politician won the election, and 100 years later, we’re still dealing with the mess.



Hold whatever opinion you like about gun control (and DO NOT tell us your opinion about it), but please don’t reach your conclusions in ignorance. Whether you want gun control or not, this is an election year mass manipulation campaign. Keep in mind that agreeing with the goal of propaganda does not negate the fact that it is propaganda.

Again, this is NOT a post about gun control. It is a post about propaganda. Gun control comments belong in another venue and will be removed.

All the best to all of you as you navigate the Misinformation Highway during these troubled times.


11 comments on “Kool-Aid 101: What is an AR-15?

  1. lynnkelleyauthor says:

    DH was trying to explain this to me, but your post clarifies this for me. Thanks for this explanation, Piper.

    Yes, I do remember Reefer Madness, which we thought was comical in the ’70s!

    • Piper Bayard says:

      I watched the trailer, and I still find it pretty comical. I’m sure it was not very funny back in the 30s. The entire hemp industry was put out of business.

  2. Silver James says:

    Thanks to you both for this clear, concise explanation. While I don’t need it, many will. As for Reefer Madness, amazing the negative impact propaganda can have.

  3. […] Source: Kool-Aid 101: What is an AR-15? […]

  4. Eden says:

    I never actually watched Reefer Madness (or the trailer)… There certainly was a style to things back then.

    I wholeheartedly admit I know nothing about guns, but I do know about agendas and how people all have their own ways of pressing them. Some are very overt, as in the above trailer. Some are sneakier. I’m not sure this whole gun control this is actually a presidential thing (except in that it pops up around every election to help divide voters on hot topics rather on the regular day-to-day things that affect everyone’s lives year after year). It strikes me too much of the teetotalers and other extremist groups.

    Fun post, Piper.

  5. Finally something sensible.

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