Bribery, Sex, and Betrayal in the U.S. Navy

By Jay Holmes

Monday, November 11, was Veterans Day. When opportunity permits, I prefer to spend Veterans Day alone in nature with my thoughts. This year, I was fortunate enough to be able to hike in mountains, but unfortunately, I had unwelcome company on my hike—intruders in my thoughts who are themselves veterans, as well. In fact, they are high ranking U.S. Navy officers. One of them is none other than Vice Admiral Ted “Twig” Branch, who happens to be, or was, the Director of Naval Intelligence.

Canstock Panties and Stilettos

Twig and four other naval officers are accused of accepting bribes in the forms of cash, prostitutes, and expensive trips in exchange for steering U.S. Navy contracts for port services to a company named Glen Defense Marine Asia (“GDMA”). The accusation of taking bribes in exchange for directing millions of dollars of taxpayer money to a favored overcharging contractor would be serious enough, but it gets much worse.

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Bribery, Sex, and Betrayal in the U.S. Navy