Having Fun in Bed

By Piper Bayard

I always say the only thing worse than working out is not being able to, and that’s why I go to the gym. Even when we’re doing our best, though, those inevitable illnesses and injuries come along that keep us semi-bedridden for a while. I’m currently going through one of those times myself.

I find the challenge is to keep my spirits up and not give in to thoughts about how long it will take to recuperate, but rather focus on what I can do today. The most important way to accomplish this is to keep up a variety of character building, brain stimulating activities. These are some of the things I’ve found to pass the time during my breaks from reading and writing.

image by Poptart at wikimedia commons

10 Ways to Keep Occupied In Bed

  1. See how close I can roll to the edge of the bed without falling off.
  2. Practice burning the edges of satin ribbons with a lighter without turning them black. (It’s an oddly addictive activity. Don’t judge.)
  3. Make a genuine effort at levitating the dust off of the ceiling fan and into the trash.
  4. Howl back at the neighbor’s dog.
  5. Make prank phone calls from my cell phone to the house phone downstairs.
  6. Watch all episodes of Breaking Bad.
  7. Mourn the fact that there isn’t another season available.
  8. Repeat 6 and 7 with Game of Thrones.
  9. Pause to wonder if J. “R.R.” Tolkien and George “R.R.” Martin are related.
  10. Contemplate changing my name to Piper “R.R.” Bayard and writing high fantasy. Suppose Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston would star in the movie?

What do you do to keep your mind active when you’re stuck on bedrest?

Besides the obvious, that is. We do keep a PG-13 blog here. 🙂

All the best to all of you for staying gainfully occupied.

16 comments on “Having Fun in Bed

  1. I love your ideas, Piper! I’m especially fond of #5, except I’d have to manipulate my caller ID to “Scary Person”. Hope you have a speedy recovery, and that you are able to stay entertained while in bed!! 🙂

  2. susielindau says:

    What happened??? Do you need anything? Handsome young masseuse, box of Godiva chocolates, a Sudoku book?

  3. I usually just read or watch T.V. if I’m under the weather and have to stay in bed. Hope you’re better soon.

  4. KokkieH says:

    Not something I’ve done, but it could be fun: update random Wikipedia history articles with references to “The Doctor” and “blue box”.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  5. Catherine Johnson says:

    Fun way to pass the day poorly. Get well soon!

  6. tomwisk says:

    Your list makes my addictive playing of solitaire games on my tablet seem normal, though I go to bed at midnight and put the games away at three am. Also is binge watching episodes of The Avengers with Emma Peel bad?

  7. Poor Piper!

    I love the prank phone calls to your landline downstairs. Dang caller ID! How about calling the airport and having people paged? Chester Drawers. Ima Dick. Big Thor and Red Heiney. <=== Heiney family names stolen from a shtick on a local radio station.

    Get an ant farm and name all of them. Then, call a local pet cemetery about advance planning for burial.

    If I had your mailing address, I'd buy and send that coloring book Jenny mentions frequently on her whacky books blogs. Since you're PG13, I won't use the name. Rhymes with Carolina. You could create interesting names for STDs inspired by coloring outside the lines.

    Me? I'd likely take the Sudoku route. And, use the rest of my bed-rest time to freaking learn how to best use Facebook and Twitter.

  8. Diana Beebe says:

    Does the repetition of #7 for #8 mean there isn’t another season of GoT? *Sniff*

    I think #5 is brilliant. You can also send crazy text messages using whatever words autocorrect decides to use. Edit only if a word isn’t appropriate for whichever family member’s cell phone you decided to autocorrect text.

    Feel better soon!

  9. A very helpful list, indeed! I hope you recover quickly. I am often in bed battling my RA and have learned to do a lot from bed! I basically have someone bring me what I need or want. Mostly food. I also enjoy doing jigsaw puzzles (I have a portable table that can sit on my lap for puzzles), sewing projects (mostly buttons that need replacing), bill paying, online xmas shopping & more! Feel better soon, Piper.

  10. You could paint your face with green make up, use your Jedi mind powers to make all the furniture levitate, and when your kids come to the bedroom door, roll your tongue around and hiss like Regan from The Exorcist. It would make for a good youtube clip. Any way, Hope you get better. Being sick enough to stay in bed really sucks. .

  11. Great ideas!! Now it makes me wish I could stay in bed all day. Of course reading is high on my list, but for sick in bed days give me fluffy, fun smut!

  12. […] Piper Bayard has been stuck in bed, but she’s finding exceptionally creative ways to keep preoccupied. Check out her fabulous list in Having Fun in Bed. […]

  13. Julie Glover says:

    Hope you’re doing better! During a recent illness (and I’m not very patient with sickness), I caught up entirely on the season of How I Met Your Mother that I had missed. I contemplated giving up wine and substituting cough syrup instead, since it had the same sleepy effect on me. I talked myself down to being a-okay with the kids’ behavior as long as they were still alive and the house didn’t burn down during my sickness. (They actually did better than that, but clean rooms? Ha!)

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