Caption, Please

By Piper Bayard

One of the fun parts of my job is all of the traveling I get to do. Needless to say, Holmes and I are careful where we meet up, and it can make for some interesting sites along the way.

How about a caption for this one? Please keep it clean, and don’t insult anyone’s religion. I know that will be a challenge with this one, but you are clever people, so I’m sure you’re up to it. Have fun!

image by Piper Bayard

image by Piper Bayard

26 comments on “Caption, Please

  1. tucsonmike says:

    If you are smart, you will avoid that store.

  2. […] Caption, Please. ย Click on the link for my friend, Piper Bayard’s blog post and come up with the caption you thik fits. […]

  3. Kathryn says:

    We keep telling you Jesus, if you want to access videos you need to get your own membership, you can’t keep watching on other people’s accounts.

  4. Oh, my! The photo made me laugh, but I’m afraid to attempt a caption. Just wanted to let you know I loved Firelands – great job! I’m deep in the WIP for the seventh in my series right now, and I’ve been meaning to get my butt in gear and give you 5-star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Maybe I’ll go and do that right now while I’m thinking of it!

  5. God created Girl Boners. Capture yours here! Er, was that clean??? My GB is! Uh… TMI? Let me try again…

    Thank God for sexuality. He’ll notice if you don’t.

    Let there be light, but not in the bedroom.

    (I think I need more coffee…)

  6. Never mind the NSA…

  7. Hm, what first came to mind was: “1984 rides again!”

  8. …but don’t let that give you performance or anything.

  9. tomwisk says:

    Caption: “Co-starring Mary Magdalene as you’ve never seen her. Written by the original authors with nothing left out. Not even those scenes between JC and MM.”

  10. How funny. There’s a strip club called Heart Breakers here with a big sign and lots of pink with hearts…towering above it behind that roof/sign is a bigger sign that says “Jesus heals broken hearts….” also in pink with lots of hearts.
    Will be checking back to laugh over the captions

  11. andrewmocete says:

    After one crazy Friday night in Mexico, Jesus can’t remember where the Holy Grail is. He’s only got one day to find it before his Father needs it and is forced to get help from his sworn enemy: Adult Video. Can they set aside their differences long enough to find the Grail or is Armageddon just around the corner? Find out in Dude, Where’s My Grail.

  12. rynolexson says:

    Jesus is watching you, but the adult video store is behind him…what Jesus doesn’t see won’t hurt him.

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