The End is Near (and we deserve it) . . . Deported for Being “Too Handsome”

Three men from the United Arab Emirates were deported from Saudi Arabia for being “too handsome.” The Saudis were afraid women would see them and throw off their clothes.

I know. This sounds like a joke that Holmes and I would make up. My thanks to Omar Borkan Al Gala and his friends for making my job easy today. No kudos to the Saudis, who seem to think women are nothing but mindless, ill-behaved house pets who would roll over for any hand that pets them.

Omar Borkan Al Gala Facebook Pic

Blogs and Articles in No Particular Order

Autism Awareness Month: No, I Didn’t Forget by Heather Konik, an Aspie herself, who makes several astute observations including, “Autism isn’t necessarily a thing to be cured.”

An astute, intelligent article by liberal democrat “lefty” and gun owner, Anne Marie Wonder. Dear Gun Control Democrats: 6 Ways to Make a Better Argument

You know him as Sulu and as Facebook Superstar George Takei. Did you know he grew up in the Japanese Internment Camps of Arkansas and California? George Takei: Why We Must Remember Rohwer

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing: Konrath on Patterson. An excellent analysis by Joe Konrath on the place of traditional publishing.

Who Inherits Your Copyrights? Another outstanding article from publishing attorney and historical fiction author Susan Spann for Writers In the Storm.

“Those religions most anxious to convert others are also the ones with the longest track records of violence.” Level-headed, scholarly observations from Dr. Steve Wiggins at Sects and Violence in the Ancient World. Fear of Religion

My thanks today to the 1491s who steered me to this video. With so many ugly deeds thrown in our faces every day, it’s good to remember there are genuinely decent people in the world.

Campaign Style Poll Daddy of the Week

All the best to all of you for a week of being where you belong.

Piper Bayard

24 comments on “The End is Near (and we deserve it) . . . Deported for Being “Too Handsome”

    • Jay Holmes says:

      Hi Mirrorgirl. Piper is on a mission to North Korea. The UN dispatched her to smack the heck out of Kim Un (AKA Porky Pig 3). She said she intends to make him clean his room, sit in time out for about a week and write an apology to planet earth.

      In her absence I thank you for visiting.

  1. mairedubhtx says:

    Happy Friday, Piper!

    • Jay Holmes says:

      hi mariedubhtx. Piper is in north Korea at the moment. in her absence I wish you a a happy Friday as well. in fact even if she were here I would wish you a happy Friday any way.

  2. angelaackerman says:


  3. Jess Witkins says:

    Are we sure this is real? The news reporter kind of sounds like the guy who hosts Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous… This is so ridiculous.

  4. As a friend of mine says, I wouldn’t make him wear a bag over his head. On the other hand, I wouldn’t throw off my clothes either. Besides, looking like that, he’s probably too much in love with himself to notice anyone else.

    He’s an actor and a model. And his initials are B.A.G. 😀

  5. Diana Beebe says:

    There is so much wrong in the deportation story. Are the Saudis who deported him worried that they will be considered ugly and no women will fall for them?

    The security camera video is always fun to watch to help forget that that world is about to end. 😉

    • Jay Holmes says:

      Hi Diana. Piper is in North Korea. On her behalf I thank you for visiting.

      Perhaps in the absence of * “Giraldo” Rivera and Oprah the Saudis just cooperated to create a publicity stunt for a well connected “celebrity team”. On the other hand, perhaps they are just being “Saudi”. It’s amazing that the descendants of the brilliant and ruthless British installed Ibn Saud allow themselves and their nation to be dictated to by a handful of wahhabi nut cases.

      * “Girar” is the Spanish verb for “spin”.

  6. tedhenkle says:

    There was this story, nearly two years ago now, about a Pakistani diplomat denied entry into Saudi Arabia due to his name, which–very loosely translated–means “well endowed” in Arabic:

    This, of course ignited a barrage of this “Life of Brian” clip being circulated around cyberspace:

    • Jay Holmes says:

      Hi Tedhenkle. Piper does the Friday blogs without any help from me but she had to go to North Korea today. On her behalf I thank you for the link and for your visit.

  7. Dave says:

    Great link to Anne Marie Wonder’s post. It’s nice to find intelligent analysis backed up by links to facts, figures, transcripts, and actual video footage of statements by “our dear “leaders.” Or someone’s dear leaders, anyway.

    And the 1491’s and Steve Wiggins’ posts are always great.

  8. Jay Holmes says:

    Hi Dave. Piper was dispatched to North Korea by the UN commission for adult behavior. She is going to try to encourage Kim Un to become an adult.

    In her absence I thank you for your visit.

  9. Julie Glover says:

    My response was not available in the poll: “The United States should insure that any ‘comprehensive immigration policy’ includes providing safe haven to the uber-handsome who have been kicked out of other countries.” We’re just that kind of welcoming country. 🙂

    • Jay Holmes says:

      Hi Julie. In the absence of any distinguishable immigration policy your proposition makes as much sense as anything being proposed by the administration.

  10. I’ll be voting for Julie’s option! I loved that video, Piper, and went straight to iTunes and downloaded the song … haven’t heard it in years! Thanks!

  11. Loved the piece on gun control! Thanks for the links. 🙂

  12. I would have deported Omar and lots of guys uglier than him because the less competition, the better — especially at my age.

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