The End is Near (and we deserve it) . . . Mind Reading Headphones

Mico Headphones by Neurowear Read Minds and Choose Music Based on Mood

Mico Headphones by Neurowear

Mico Headphones by Neurowear

Articles and Blogs in No Particular Order

Many people objected to the media coverage of the Steubenville rape trial and the guilty verdicts handed down, as the press seemed to forget about justice for the victim and focus on how the young men’s lives will be destroyed by the convictions. An Opportunity Isn’t a Right

Ellie Ann introduces her transmedia story, Slice of Life, a book that’s more than a book. It’s a total immersion experience. Slice of Life Introduction

Slice of Life Pirate Symbol by Biaka

Slice of Life Pirate Symbol by Biaka

Four Types of Rejection Slips, Ranked for Your Convenience by Dale Ivan Smith.

Cardinal Fashion Show: The DOs and DON’Ts of Vatican Wear This Conclave Season (PHOTOS)

F-150 and More: Evolution of America’s Pickup Truck

image by Bull-Doser, public domain

image by Bull-Doser, public domain

When the Hero is His Own Worst Enemy–What We Can Learn from FLIGHT by best selling author and social media jedi Kristen Lamb.

That was awkward . . . but this doesn’t have to be. In honor of “Awkward Moments Day” Susan Spann gives her tips on avoiding awkward social media moments.

CVS Pharmacy is now fining its employees $50 per month if they do not “voluntarily” participate in company funded health screenings. Obamacare at work. Expect to see more of this private sector Fat Tax in the future now that it is sanctioned and encouraged at law. For Workers at CVS, Body Fat Can Be Costly

We all love those public marriage proposals. Heartwarming events that turn entire rooms of restaurants into parties of hope and well-wishing. Apparently, the ocean likes to get in on the action, too. Yeah, you know what’s going to happen. But it’s fun to watch. 🙂

And for our Campaign Poll Daddy question of the week . . .

All the best to all of you for accepting responsibility for the small things.

Piper Bayard–The Pale Writer of the Apocalypse

17 comments on “The End is Near (and we deserve it) . . . Mind Reading Headphones

  1. Diana Beebe says:

    Sheesh….Never turn your back on the ocean! LOL. Great list, Piper!

    • Jay Holmes says:

      Hi Diana. Piper can not answer comments today. Piper is on a secret diplomatic mission to north Korea. The NK dictator, whose code name is “Porky Pig-3”, has been in a state of rage since a new pope was selected. PP-3 had demanded that Dennis Rodman, whose code name is “Denise Roadkill”, be made the new pope. If you are wondering about the pope his CIA code name is “Papito Lindo”.

      Piper is equiped with three high powered chocolate cake recipes. If Rome does not go up in flames this week then you will know that Piper succeeded in her mission.

      If and when Piper should return safely from North Korea she shall be answering comments again.

      In her absence you are stuck with me (CIA code name “Late With the Paper Work”).

      Please don’t share this sensitive information with anyone.

  2. I’m glad the ring didn’t disappear! Now about my car keys … where do I order those headphones?

    • Jay Holmes says:

      Hi Patricia. Piper is gone this week. I am male so I think it best that I don’t answer any questions about finding keys. I don’t have that “find it” gene.

  3. Love the fashion do’s and don’ts. The papal pomp has kept me thoroughly entertained. including teaching me the new word-Papabili- a candidate for pope. A word just begging to be played with- “There is a papabili you may be pope”… “The pope likes papabili music”

    • Jay Holmes says:

      Hi Emily. Piper is gone this week. I’m glad that the cardinals picked a Pope with a human personality this time. I never liked Ratfinger.

  4. tomwisk says:

    If I had headphones that programmed music according to my mood there’s a good shot I’d be listening to a lot of thrash rock, paranoid country and conspiracy rock. But that’s just me. Liked the rejection letters types.

  5. Jay Holmes says:

    Hi tomwisk. I could never use these new headphones. My thoughts are already distracting enough. Listening to adult content music all day would not help me get any work done,

    I’m sure these headphoes will create a demand for a new Rock genre. I’m looking forward to the first “Guy Music” awards ceremony. The red carpet walk should be rather entertaining. That old song “Pillow Talk” will soon be hitting the charts again.

  6. The important question is are the working on headphones that will read my mind but tell my husband what I’m thinking so he can behave accordingly LOL

    • Jay Holmes says:

      Hi Alica. Piper is away so you are stuck with me.

      There is a revolutionary new method available for communicating with your husband. It’s called “speech”. Tell him what you want him to know.

      For those special and more personal notions you can always give him “that look”.

  7. Jay Holmes says:

    “CVS Pharmacy is now fining its employees $50 per month if they do not “voluntarily” participate in company funded health screenings. Obamacare at work”

    Since Piper is in North Korea this week she can’t send her son over to beat me up so I am going to risk disagreeing with her. I would never do anything so crazy if she were in the same continent with me.

    Before Obama was elected many corporations were doing this. Employees get discounts on their group health plan contribution if they do the evaluation and agree to not smoke. I think it’s great idea to encourage us to not smoke, not abuse ourselves with overuse of alcohol or other damaging drugs, and get a lttile exercise. The company and health insurance do bennefit because they pay for fewer heart attacks, strokes, etc. The company has fewer employees away from work. The fact that the insurance company and the Mega-corp bennefit does not always make it bad for me as a consumer or employee. having fewer heart attacks bennefits the workers and their families more than anyone else.

    Obama Care is a lousy bill for many reasons but Obama care did not cause what CVS is doing.

    If Piper should return safely from North Korea pray for my safety.

    • Piper Bayard says:

      Word of this comment reached me, even through the barriers around North Korea. I would split the hair that an incentive to participate is a carrot. A penalty for NOT participating is a fine. A stick. Carrots are to be encouraged. Sticks beat us down as a society. Now, I need to get back to business here. Dennis Rodman is running around in his wedding dress claiming to be Papito Lindo and encouraging Little Kim (Jong Un) to kiss his ring. I won’t elaborate, but use your imagination. . . . I can’t unsee this. *shudders*

  8. I wonder how CVS would react to an employee who is underweight. It is a less common problem but equally as dangerous. Hmm…

    • Jay Holmes says:

      Hi MaLinda. I think the purpose of the health screening is to help employees get earlier care sooner for a broad variety of problems. The sooner they catch health problems the less they spend paying for treatment.

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