The End is Near (and we deserve it). . . . Bacon Coffin

You get a slice of life. The Bacontrepreneurs have this bacon coffin for those who would like a slice in death.

Well, I suppose jihadis would never disturb your final resting place…. And if you buy it now, you can take a page from the Kiss Coffin and use it as a beer cooler.

Blogs and Articles in No Particular Order

For quite some time, the publishing industry has been going the way of Kodak and the music industry. Hear that bell tolling? The Big Six don’t. Good thing best selling author Kristen Lamb is on top of this as Microsoft now weds with Barnes & Noble in a move that makes traditional publishing obsolete. A must read for authors. Big Six Publishing is Dead–Welcome the Massive Three

Brace yourselves. If you’re not moved by this, don’t bother checking your pulse. You don’t have one. . . .ย On Good Friday, 5-month old Avery was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (“SMA”), the number one genetic killer of babies under the age of two in the US. Avery’s parents spent several days in shock, and then got busy working to give their daughter the fullest life she could have. They made Avery’s Bucket List and posted it online to raise awareness of SMA. Then they set to work checking it off. Taste a cupcake, play with Playdoh, go to a ballgame, and so much more. But mostly, Avery and her parents are making millions of people aware of SMA.

Avery’s last smile.

Avery’s motto? Whatever I bring to life, because I don’t have time to wait for life to bring anything to me. Avery passed away in her parents’ arms on April 30. Click here to find out how much this little girl accomplished in twenty-two weeks, and how you can help in the fight against SMA. Avery’s Bucket List

To lighten up a bit, we can always count on the seemingly endless wit of Paige Kellerman. Whether or not you share her horror of health food, this post is funny. Farmer’s Market

Ellie Soderstrom brightens our day, as well, with Hilarious Old Ads. Yes, I actually remember a couple of them.

Every bit as interesting as the horses, but in a very different way, the Kentucky Derby brings all manner of hats out of the woodwork. Don’t Get Poked! — Kentucky Derby Hats Gallery

Tiffany A. White brings out the Oooo! Factor with this week’s Why It’s Worth a Watch Wednesday. Can Sex Mend a Broken Relationship?

Fantastic Twitter advice from Author Kait Nolan. 10 Things Writers Shouldn’t Say in a DM

Teen Girl Petitions Seventeen Magazine to Stop Airbrushing Models. You go, girl!

I love having teens in the house. My son turned me on to the Ultimate Rap Battles of History, and I ended up watching these things for half an hour.

Would you want a bacon coffin? Would you use it as a beer cooler? How about one of those hats?

All the best to all of you for bringing a slice to life.

Piper Bayard

35 comments on “The End is Near (and we deserve it). . . . Bacon Coffin

  1. OMG can imagine – a bacon coffin. Nope, not for me but I definitely dig the beer cooler. Off the wall enough for me. LOL!
    Great line up of fabulousness – off to check out the other ditties.

  2. Tammy Salyer says:

    Wow, Piper, yes! Thanks for pointing out Kait Nolan’s post. Going to repost it RIGHT AWAY! Etiquette, it’s not just for breakfast anymore, amiright?

  3. I would not want a bacon coffin. Maybe a pink and sparkly one covered in rhinestones, but not bacon.

    Thanks so much for introducing me to Ultimate Rap Battles. I have a feeling I’ll be spending way too much time watching those! I love me some William Shakespeare, but I can’t pick a winner in this one. The Cat is way too cute.

  4. K.B. Owen says:

    That Rap battle is a riot! So sad about little Avery, and a reminder of what we take for granted. Have a great weekend, Piper!

  5. tomwisk says:

    Bacon coffin sounds peachy. could they ntoss in some toast, lettuce, tomato and mayo. Avery had a full short life, but most of all he was loved. that counts the most.

  6. Catie Rhodes says:

    I had avoided the Avery story on purpose. And for good reason. Now, I’ve had to have a good cry. Her parents were so brave. I don’t think I could have been that brave. Her smile looked like she knew they loved her.

    • Piper Bayard says:

      It does look like she knew they loved her. And I know what you mean about the cry. I could barely see through my tears to link the story. Good to see you, Catie.

  7. Jenny Hansen says:

    OMG, that Avery story KILLED me. I guess this is just my day…second story to get me weepy on this fine Friday.

  8. Julie Glover says:

    Just a bacon coffin? Big deal. Is there a way to batter my coffin and deep fry it? Add a little gravy on top? I’m thinking this Texas gal should go out with a bang! LOL.

    I love your Friday posts. I am clicking over to some of the links. Thanks, Piper!

  9. brennagrimes says:

    I hope that bacon coffin smells like bacon.

  10. Andrew says:

    haha…Epic Rap Battles of History is awesome. I had “Mario Bros v. Wright Bros” stuck in my head the entire time I was doing my history final =P

  11. Barnes and Noble deserves their fate, I s’pose. Bacon coffin looks interesting…but does it SMELL like bacon? That’s the real question.

  12. Hi Piper.

    The SMA article makes me feel really guilty and blessed at the same time, there are some awful things in the world.

    On a brighter note, I think I’m going to skip the bacon coffin on account I’m a veggie. I did a quick check and there’s no sign of the lettuce coffin. Maybe there’s an opening in the market there? Perhaps you could be buried in the vegetable of your choice. Hum…


  13. I think I’ll go ahead and pass on the bacon coffin, but I can’t wait to read the article on the Big Three. Also, baby Avery is the saddest thing ever; prayers for her and her family for sure. On a lighter note, thank you for including me in your mashup! I feel extremely important every time I make it…:)

  14. Thanks for including my blog in your awesome Friday mashup, Piper! And I love the Kentucky Derby…. love the hats, love the horses, love the race — great pic! I’m actually off now to make my Trifecta pics. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. JM Randolph says:

    It’s a tough choice between the bacon coffin and the Kiss coffin. Thanks for the links!

  16. […] totally stole this from Piper Bayard:ย Epic Rap Battles of History: Shakespeare VS. Dr. Seuss. Also, if you click on the Piper link, […]

  17. EllieAnn says:

    This post is so full of win. Kellerman’s article is a literally laugh out loud piece. “Is a farmer’s market like a bachelor’s auction?” ha!
    Thanks so much for sharing my post! You rock!

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