Holmes Writes a Tearful Dear John Letter to Gadhafi

By Piper Bayard & Jay Holmes


Holmes has a long and involved past with Moammar Gadhafi (“Uncle Momo”) so these events in Libya are especially moving for him. It wasn’t a difficult decision for him to write this Dear John Letter now that it looks like a break up in their relationship is imminent. His only regrets are that he didn’t have the chance to write it thirty years ago, and that extenuating circumstances prevent him from personally delivering it to Gadhafi today.

When I read it, the first thing I did was crack up laughing. Then I pointed out that, without a little background, it might sound too much like an inside joke. Please enjoy the brief history lesson so that you, too, can rofl with us. . . .

During the Cold War, Gadhafi allowed the Soviets, the East Germans, and the other Warsaw Pact countries to use Libya as a giant terrorist training camp. Sometimes there were upwards of 30 camps operating at a time for the purpose of training terrorist groups to attack Israel and Western nations. Gadhafi even cooperated with the Irish Republican Army for a while, until the IRA decided he was too filthy even for them.

Holmes and many of his friends spent decades intimately involved in fighting the Soviets, the East Germans, and the various terrorist organizations they sponsored. The stories of their sacrifices will never be told, but they were numerous and deeply personal.

In 1986, Gadhafi was blown away (pun intended) that his vaunted, high-tech Soviet Air Defense System proved useless against a rather limited air attack by less than two dozen aircraft from the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy. Rumors circulated that clandestine operations had simultaneously been carried out against military assets in Libya. In addition, Gadhafi’s Syrian allies had sent their best naval unit to the Gulf of Sidra with the intention of guaranteeing damage to the U.S. 6th fleet. That Syrian ship exploded shortly after casting off from its dock in Libya. Both Syria and Libya were left unenthusiastic about the prospects of any future engagements with the U.S. 6th fleet, despite the best cheerleading the Soviets could bring to bear.

As part of our Bayard & Holmes Peace Initiative, we are doing what we can to encourage Uncle Momo to seek a new career, and we are offering him a free gift from our Peace Initiative product line. The following is Holmes’ own personal appeal in the form of an open Dear John Letter to Uncle Momo. . . .


My Dearest Momo,

Perhaps you are surprised that I would write you now, but after all these years, I hate to see us break up this way. The lack of closure is emotionally draining for both of us. After all, my relationship with you has lasted even longer than my marriage thus far.

I was so young and impetuous when we first met. I know that some of the things that I have said and done may have hurt your feelings. Please accept that my friends and I always acted with sincerity and the best of intentions. I hope you can understand that some of the things you did were really hurtful to me and to many of my close friends, as well.

I am sitting here listening to Carol King sing Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow, and it brings me so many fond memories of our long and often exciting friendship. All those years. . . . So many cute hats, none of which ever fit you. . . . Those charming outfits. . . . That lovely fireworks display on a romantic spring night in 1986. . . . These  memories all come flooding back to me as I sit here and laugh cry.

Seeing you in such painful difficulties these days has made me re-evaluate our long connection. I want this to all end for us on the best possible note. Although I know you have not always loved me, I am sure you have never questioned my sincerity or passion. It’s all been very real for me.

Based on my deeper understanding of our heart-felt connection, I am offering you a gift. . . . A gift from my heart. . . . In fact, in your honor, I have decided to offer this special gift to any deserving person in the world. . . . the Seventy-Two Virgins Golden Retirement Plan. In fact, out of my deep respect for you, I will ask potential retirees in the future to plan in advance by donating a small portion of their plunder to my special fund, so that I may be able to help as many needy souls as possible.

Because of all the years of joy you have brought me, I am offering this gift to you free of any of your normal financial arrangements. Unlike your other so-called friends, Gordon Brown and Silvio Berlusconi, I won’t take a penny from you. Yes Momo, I know about that gas pipeline you built to Silvio’s house, and look at how he has repaid you! But I forgive you. And I want you to know that my friendship with Markus Wolf* in no way detracted from all we have been to each other. “Mischa” never meant a thing to me.

My dear friend, stop struggling and give yourself the rest you deserve. Those seventy-two virgins will keep you happy for eternity. I know how picky you are about your meals so I have also arranged for a lovely, doting Ukrainian nurse to be your celestial mommy. Just stop for a moment and think of your future, Momo. Imagine being young again, imagine being attractive this time, imagine four exhausted recent virgins by your side, and your mommy’s voice entering that lovely silk tent. . . .”Ooo, Momo darling. . . . come to lunch Dear. Mommy made you your favorite lamb goulash. . . .”

Please come and visit soon so that we can implement your overdue, well-deserved gift. I want to finally repay you for our long years of friendship. Come what may, never forget that we had Paris in the spring, Rome in the fall, and those wonderful picnics on the Algerian border. Thank you for a lifetime of wonderful memories.


Holmes, CEO, Celestial After-Care, Inc.

*Markus Wolf was the despised director of the foreign intelligence branch of the East German Stasi (secret police).


22 comments on “Holmes Writes a Tearful Dear John Letter to Gadhafi

  1. Albert Berg says:

    I love this. And that’s all I have to say about that.

  2. ellieswords says:

    ha! Amen. I hope he accepts your gift . . . as soon as possible.

    p.s. I know it’s not why you write, but from the bottom of my heart I just want to say thank you, Holmes, for those sacrifices we’ll never even know about.

  3. Seventy two virgins! lol. Uncle Momo reminds me of someone undergoing a midlife crisis. Maybe he IS undergoing a midlife crisis.

  4. Susan S says:

    Is it wrong that every time I see a photo of Gadhafi I find myself drawing mental comparisons to Jabba the Hutt? Gadhafi isn’t even all that heavy, but something about the set of his saggy jaw always makes me expect to hear him calling for Han Solo’s head on a platter. And a cookie.

  5. educlaytion says:

    Holmes I know this must’ve been painful for you. I can relate to the frustrating challenges of trying to find a piece of equipment that will actually play a cassette tape. What, you didn’t think I meant the watching Momo go part did you?

  6. kadja1 says:

    Man Holmes! If he gained a lot of weight, you’d have to up the ante…Right now he looks like an anorexic Java the Hut to me!

  7. kadja1 says:

    Well, I guess it’s Jabba the Hut…Hell, I never was into Star Wars but Susan has a point there!

  8. kadja1 says:

    OMG! How about this way: “I’d like an extra-hot latte, hold the ammo, Uncle Momo!” ;-D

  9. […] Perhaps instead of Uncle Momo, we should call him Uncle Moo Moo. You know, I hear John Galliano just lost his job as a designer at Christian Dior because he went on a rant against Jews. Perhaps he should seek employment in Libya? Momo could use a good fit, and it appears Galliano can throw one. Be sure to check out our Special Edition Libya. Intelligence agent and Cold War warrior “Holmes” provides us with a Historical Timeline, info about What’s Lost if the Devil is Deposed, and his very personal, moving Dear John Letter to Gadhafi. […]

  10. kadja1 says:

    Moo Moo…Hoo Hoo (spa) ….I see a pattern here! God I’m addicted to this blog! LOL

    • Piper Bayard says:

      Cool. A pattern. I hadn’t noticed, but now I’ll need to work in Coo Coo, Boo Boo, and Doo Doo sometime in the future, just for you. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. […] mysterious Holmes, an intelligence insider on world affairs. This week, Piper set up Holmes’ Tearful Dear John Letter To Gadhafi, or as Holmes calls him, Uncle Momo. Super clever […]

  12. […] case you haven’t heard, Uncle Momo took up Holmes on his  Seventy-two Virgins Golden Retirement Plan. Libya’s Colonel Muammar Gaddafi Killed My sincere gratitude to the dedicated people who […]

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